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What institutions are a good fit?

We focus on healthcare and educational institutions (think hospitals and schools), but we love bringing a plant-based food focus to any institution that offers food or meal services of any kind.

Does Wholesome Minnesota cost money?

The short answer? Nope! Because of our amazing partners, we’re able to provide the support you need at no cost. You might even SAVE money. The only thing institutions pay for is their own food.

Does Wholesome Minnesota provide training?

Of course! We won’t leave you high and dry. Our partners are committed to providing staff with the education and tools they need to be successful.

I'm a decision maker — what are my next steps?

We’re glad you’re here! Reach out to Jodi to schedule a meeting. She’ll walk you through all the details and answer questions.

I'm a school parent — what can I do?

We love our passionate school parents. Reach out to Jodi to schedule a meeting. She’ll help you get involved.