Bringing plant-based food to Minnesota menus for a healthier community

About us

We help Minnesota’s food service leaders to simplify the process of creating culturally inclusive, healthy, money-saving, and climate-friendly menus. 

Our mission

To accelerate plant-based food offerings in Minnesota’s institutions and create a healthier community.

A plant-based movement in Minnesota?

You betcha.

Join the schools, places of worship and other institutions we partner with to champion the health of your community and the environment. The organization you or a family member is a part of could be next. We’re supporting the fastest-growing food movement to improve Minnesota’s health and sustainability — and so can you.

Why plant-based?

There are lots of reasons why we’re out here spreading some plant love. Here are the three that drive us.

Community health

Did you know 70% of annual deaths are due to lifestyle disease according to Harvard School of Public Health? Did you also know plant-based eating can prevent and even reverse certain health conditions? Together, we can improve the health of our local communities one healthy plant-based meal at a time.

Environmental impact

It’s no secret animal agriculture has harmful effects on our planet. Plant-based eating is a sustainable way to nourish our community and help protect our environment all at the same time.


Reflect your institution’s values. Be a steward not only of human health and the environment, but of the animals who experience large-scale suffering on factory farms. By taking animals off our plates, we have a direct impact on the well-being of animals all over the world.

Our partners and friends